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Tischa struggles with her split-personality - East coast girl with a west coast vibe.​She is strong-willed and street smart, but she knows how to summon her zen and chill out! 

She is your favorite teacher/nurse. The detective/lawyer/doctor whose heart rules her brain. The best friend with a touch of humor and sarcasm, who is trying to keep you on track.

She has studied with great teachers/coaches in both L.A. and N.Y.C. Focusing on indie films for the past several years, she is now making the tier jump into television with a few co-star roles under her belt.

She is also a published writer (local news). She is an animal advocate who rescues and fosters fur babies for new homes (sometimes keeping them for herself). She also has a crazy extensive knowledge of pop culture and wine (having worked for five years in a winery).

In vino veritas - cheers!

November 2017

Just wrapped as the lead in the short film "The Crystal Tower"









April 2017

New headshots are here!

August 2016 - Weeded Out!​

Just wrapped on the independent short film Weeded Out!This film is set to hit the 2016-2017 festival circuit.


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